Running from Fear – Past and Current Lives

Lost World or Exit“I feel I already know you,” says Britney, as she sits here on the couch in my hypnotherapy room, speaking very calmly, within the first 5 minutes we’ve met.

Britney is addressing the fact that she has read a lot of pages on my website before she contacted me for a series of hypnotherapy sessions.

I am curious. Her presenting issue is anxiety and fear, yet this person who’s sitting right in front of me, is composed, mature, and calm. There’s a natural peaceful energy around her that makes my breath even and thoughts clear. I feel instantly sitting with Britney is an enjoyable thing.

Britney has become a nomad. Teaching English all over the world gives her the opportunity to stay out of her home country the United States, which she feels is becoming more and more violent. A family member of hers was shot to death a few years ago. That was part of her reasons to seek help as she is experiencing PTSD. In between two jobs, meaning two completely different countries in her case, she can only spend a very limited time in USA to keep her non-residential status, so she chooses Vancouver Canada for the needed out-of-country short stay.

That was when Britney felt she might use the opportunity to seek emotional balance, wellbeing and healing as a side benefit for the stay.

We scheduled five sessions within three weeks. Britney also showed her curiosity towards Past-Life Regression and Future-Life Progression. On our second session, as she reported she was already feeling much relief, feeling safer and more secure in her own being, I felt a Past-Life Regression exploration might be of help to her.

Britney is the type of person that I love to work with. She has the ability to access whatever information she needs in the moment, and collect dots. Very intuitive, artistic, and trusting her own abilities, she is a hypnotherapist’s dream.

Before we started the regression, I asked Britney if she had some questions for me. “Indeed, I do.” Britney sat up, appearing to be serious with this question. “Is it possible to be reincarnated as an animal?”

“My work has shown me that it seems it is possible. I have regressed people when they were a polar bear, a dolphin and other animals. Some even said they were trees.”

Britney looked at me, eyes bright and wide, “I think impatient people need to be reincarnated as trees.” I was not too sure how serious she was when she said that.

“Maybe people who are glued to couches and TV programs used to be trees a lot.”

We had a good laugh together.

“I’ll tell you why I asked that question.” Britney then told me on the funeral day for that family member, she saw a butterfly fluttering around her all the time. She often wondered if that was the beloved reincarnated.

I normally use quite a lot of mental confusion, time distortion, and space disorientation techniques to guide a person into a past life. None of those was necessary for Britney. She moved faster than I could verbally guide. Yet I didn’t want her to access just any random past lives. I felt at this moment in her life, it might be helpful for her to view a lifetime where she could understand the soul’s journey and purpose, so that she could eventually feel safe and secure in being in herself and being out in the world.

Britney had to remind herself to coming back to my voice, even though two lifetimes already started to present themselves to her while I was still guiding. When I eventually took her to that moment out of a tunnel, Britney was very surprised. What came to her awareness had nothing to do with what she envisioned earlier.

Jungle. Hot. Humid. Lost. Barefoot. Alone. This 26-year-old male named Ashna is wearing nothing else but animal skin around the waist.

He can’t decide what to do next, for him to find the three friends who he was with earlier. They were talking about things that were of no interest to him, so he wandered off, then he lost them.

It eventually turns out the “lost” is not a big deal, as he realizes he can find his way back to his cave – his sanctuary whenever he needs a time alone. From the cave, he eventually makes his way back to the tribe.

The tribe leader likes to emphasize “sharing everything equally”. Ashna does not agree with the leader. According to him, everyone has their own unique talent. Everyone should be assigned different tasks, instead of being given the same types of tasks. But Ashna doesn’t dare to challenge the chief, fearing to be outcast. He feels he needs the tribe for his own survival, even though he has better ideas of organizing the tribe and seeing people happier. It seems to Ashna that pretending everything is okay, even though it’s not, is the best choice at the time being.

At the age of 32, Ashna finally speaks up, thus he ends with an argument with the chief. Ashna had a wish that people would hear him and maybe some would support him. But before he finds it out, being caught up in a fear that the chief might seek revenge, Ashna flees. He runs away and starts to live alone in his own secret cave. Before the danger could have manifested, he chooses to avoid it.

Living by himself Ashna is on the alert all the time, fearing his own tribe, and also another tribe which he supposes would kill him if they find him – which was the main reason for Ashna to be in his tribe, to stay safe.

One day when Ashna walks back to his cave, he notices that things have been moved. He knows this hiding place was found out. Immediately he decides to run. He starts to wander without one place to go back to, like a nomad, I suppose.

There are enough bugs to eat for a while until one day he crosses a river, and before he realizes, the river has widened so he couldn’t cross back. There is not enough food on the other side. Feeling tired, hungry, depressed, he sits in front of the river, wanting to end it all.

He lets the river take him.

Upon death, I guide Ashna to see what has become the tribe. Ashna finds out that the chief has died of an old age. The tribe people have realized that Ashna did have a good plan. So they went to look for him, and found his cave. But lost him again.

While Ashna was so fearfully running for life, he missed the chance to become what he was meant to be, the tribe leader, and unfortunately lost his own life altogether.

The life of Ashna gives Britney a perspective, a clear one, as she could see the parallels between Ashna and herself. In this modern day and age, living in the most powerful country in the world, she feels exactly the same way – Fear. And she takes exactly the same action – Running away.

In our subsequent sessions, we did future life progressions. One was to see her future in this life as Britney. I was very glad to find that after some years of teaching English in a couple more countries, Britney will come back in North America, and settle peacefully in a forest in BC, and create her camp for teenagers. Life continues.

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