A Piece of Kemila's Mind

I Dream I Hypnotized Her to Sleep

They say when you start to speak a language in your dreams, you have mastered that language.

Can you imagine my joy when I finally had a dream, in which I was speaking English, in my late teens? English was my favourite subject in high school.

A few days ago, I woke up fully convinced that I had truly mastered the language of hypnotism, because that morning, in my dream, I was doing hypnosis.

Of course, normally when you are in your dream, you don’t realize that you are just dreaming. I was hypnotizing a woman. In that vivid scene, we were both sitting on a gleaming hardwood floor. It felt like a class of sorts, as on the periphery, there were others standing and watching. But the woman and I were focused. I was feeling confident. Words came to me… They came through me… I was enjoying saying them as she was enjoying receiving them. I don’t quite remember them now. I was using some sort of garden to take her into hypnosis. Then a ringing music tone of a phone came in. I became annoyed, until I suddenly recognized that the ring tone was coming from my own phone, which was somewhere over “there”, too far for me to reach. Luckily, someone came over to help. He found my phone and turned it off.

But the ringing sound persisted. Ahhh, maybe coincidentally someone else had the same ring tone; maybe it was even the phone of the person I was working with that needed to be switched off. I fumbled to try to find where her phone was while at the same time trying to keep guiding her. The phone must be somewhere on my left side.

The music got louder. I jerked. My eyes popped open. My own phone on the side table to my left was calling me to wake up.

“…but what about the half-complete session in the dream?” I found myself thinking, “She is still waiting for me. I need to go back to finish up what I started.”

Then another thought came, “You’ve got five people to work with today. Get up now!”

Awake or asleep. It’s all just another trance.

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