A Piece of Kemila's Mind

The Energetic Body

Sylvia is a 24-year-old young lady. She used to be a professional athlete, now working in the financial field. On our phone consultation, she said she experienced intense emotions but could not stop them. She wondered if there were unconscious attachments and limiting ideas that she was not aware of, thus she had a problem developing compassion towards herself. Above all, even though she saw a therapist once a month, she was frustrated with the “underlying patterns”.

Our first session was mostly intake and counselling. These days I generally flow with clients. Sessions go very intuitively. And it seems the more a client trusts the process, the more they get out of it, and the more fluid my sessions go.

We had less than usual time for hypnosis. After I put Sylvia into a trance, based on what we had shared and discussed, I allowed myself to deliver what her subconscious mind needed to hear the most. That part is usually taken care of by my own subconscious mind, so as a result, I normally don’t remember what I said soon after the session.

Towards the end, Sylvia slowly opened her eyes. Remaining reclined position, she looked at me, very calmly, said, “I can see you.”

I looked at her, remained silent. “I can see your aura.” Sylvia continued, “I think that’s what they call it.”

I smiled a little, wondering what exactly she saw, but kept silent.

Sylvia didn’t say much more. From her tone, it seemed she was touched by something inside herself. It was a tender moment. We concluded the session. I quickly moved on to my next client, and soon forgot the content of our session.

Sylvia certainly took the image of what she saw of me with her. Two weeks later, Sylvia used my online calendar and scheduled another appointment. In the message portion of the booking, she wrote:

Cannot wait to see you again 🙂 I feel SO…different! Light! Just a little bouncy soul in the world. Haha. But I want to continue working on healing my deepest human fears – will discuss when I see you!

When Sylvia showed up again, she brought me a gift. “I never painted in my life,” she said, “but what was not easy by words I thought I could use colours. So, I was inspired to do a little painting.” She pulled out a small framed canvas, “I remembered what I saw about you towards the end of our last session. It’s a very primitive painting, but this says better than words.”

Now I found in my hands, I was holding an Energetic Body of Kemila.

Orange and yellow glow in the body, with a white little ring and blue outer line, receiving insights and messages from heaven above, through the gentle green downloading to the physical…. Oh maybe those words are redundant. Here I am, in Sylvia’s post-hypnotic perception.

Who am I without your imagination?

Thank you Sylvia the little bouncy soul in the world!

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