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Drug, Rape and Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis to recover memories

This year within one month I had three cases of seeking memory recall through hypnotherapy. Two of them are women being drugged without their knowledge and gang raped.

One is that the woman is an overseas student in town. She went to a house party with some of her schoolmates. Another is that the woman was visiting a relative in a town and met up with an old friend who she knew for many years. He brought her to visit another friend of his.

Neither of the women had any conscious memory of the incidents, but both had “lost times”. Later after they woke up, they were told that they were drunk and fell into sleep. Yet signs such as body marks, scratches, pains and in one case bleeding told them something else might have happened. And one woman said, “I know a glass of wine and two cranberry-juice-and-vodkas wouldn’t make me so drunk.” She also started to have nightmares weeks after that night of losing memory. When they confronted those people they were with, they told stories, but they seemed nervous, as if they were hiding something.

The truth is, everything these women went through was registered in their subconscious mind. They didn’t have conscious recollection but the subconscious mind knew it all, contained it all. Body itself remembered the trauma if there was any.

In hypnosis, step by step, the women pulled up memories of being drugged and raped. Not only that, all the details were remembered, including comments and conversations from those men, such as “She will not remember anything as long as the eyes roll over.” “Let’s clean it up and get rid of the evidence.” “You have to change the password of your phone now that you have those pictures taken so that your wife will not see them.”…

It was not easy for me after those sessions. I somehow felt traumatized, and deeply sad for the violation of human dignity.

Date rape drugs have been used for hundreds of years. When drugged, one loses control of the body. In some cases, even when the awareness is still there, the body feels like a lead. One cannot move it. Also the drugs take away the emotional capacity. One of the women said, while remembering being raped, “Everyone is laughing, and I’m laughing too.”

“You are laughing because…?”

“Because everyone is happy.”

It’s that part that those men were fooling themselves that the women they rape may seem to enjoy it. But I am not them. Who knows what’s going on inside those heads.

The sessions were recorded. One woman decided to move on with her life, another will probably do something about it. There is much healing to do afterwards.

Sometimes amnesia is not just of the drug, but of the trauma too, because when one loses the control of the body, their mind senses there is no way she can protect herself. The mind thus creates a blockage. The two women seeking hypnotherapy to help them remembering the incidents are very courageous.

For girls out there, please, for people you don’t completely trust – Mix your own drinks. Just don’t drink anything that you don’t see being made.

If after a party, you have lost memory, go and take a blood/urine test for drug, and a vaginal/rectal/oral exam. If male DNA is found in your body, you may be able to request those men to do a DNA test.

Also, when wanting to know the truth is greater than harbouring the fear, hypnotherapy can easily overcome amnesia. It is not your fault. Those memories are there, effecting you one way or another, even though they were beyond your conscious registration. Letting them out is a healthier way, as one of those women put it, “If they dare to do it, I dare to recall and tell it.”

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