A Remote Dark Force Entity Release

Unlike what one would normally imagine a rescuing spirits experience would be – dark, dangerous, sticky, battling, I found it possible for it to be a gentle and loving experience.

When this young man from Bolivia who I’ll call Armando contacted me, I was not sure how sincere he was for a hypnotherapy session, as his written English was so broken that I almost thought it was a spam email.

I replied, and asked if he was interested in having a virtual hypnosis session since he was so far away. Half to my surprise, he replied back, saying his spoken English was even worse than written English so a direct virtual session was not doable. However, being quite desperate and yet hopeful after landing on my website, he’d still like to work with me. Since what he was asking for was a Spirit Release Therapy session, which meant what he was dealing with was not linearly physical, after giving it some thoughts, I suggested, “We can use a surrogate or a ‘scanner,’ so I won’t have to do the session directly with you.” I have done remote spirit release sessions before, though mostly with my clients’ family members as a “scanner.” Armando eagerly agreed.

Now I needed a willing third party to work with me. The first person that came to my mind was my colleague Kore. Kore and I had worked together trading sessions for over three years. Besides being intelligent, I had noticed that Kore was very clean, clairvoyant, and intuitive. In my second book Carol’s Lives, I mentioned how her ability in hypnosis had shaped some of my experiences in New York city. We had become very comfortable with each other, consciously and subconsciously.

Presented with such an unusual request, Kore immediately said yes to work with me as a surrogate to find and release “the demons” for Armando. As a matter of fact, Kore said she got “some crazy chills all the way” through her body when I mentioned Armando from Bolivia.

Armando has done a lot of research into the literature of Spirit Release Therapy. Obviously very knowledgeable on this subject, he listed a few requests for our sessions. Being attacked every night between midnight and 6am sounded quite serious to me, so with Armando’s permission, I focused on this one for our first Skype session. Armando chose to stay on skype to listen in, with my instruction to keep himself mentally inactive, while observing me working with Kore.

To keep the natural flow, I hadn’t told Kore any information rather than “Armando from Bolivia.”

Kore showed the trance signs very soon. I instructed her to call forth Armando who was born on so-and-so day and who was living in so-and-so city in Bolivia and identify when there was a presence of Armando. After an inner pause, Kore nodded her head. I asked what impression she got about this presence. Kore responded by saying there was the heaviness around his arms and torso. It felt solid and dark, like a weight making him hard to breathe, such energy extended to the brain like fog or cloud, making the thoughts clogged. It didn’t feel like many different demons as Armando put it, but one big chunk. It changed and pushed Armando.

I called upon this entity to “come forward to speak through Kore, without harming her in any way shape or form so she can speak for you and help you identify yourself. Do you have a name?”

After coughing twice, Kore’s tone of voice shifted, it answered, “No.”

“Okay. Have you ever had your own body?”

“No, not my own body.”

Further dialogue had the entity tell me he had been with Armando’s grandfather. And he was not able to survive on himself therefore had to be attached to a human. When Armando was seven, he was very sick with high fever. That created an opening, so the entity left grandfather who was becoming physically weak and joined the new young host body. (Armando did say he was “attacked” at night since his childhood.) When I asked the entity to make up a name for the convenience of our conversation, he decided to call himself Miguel.

Asked how he was created, Miguel said he was created out of negative thoughts and beliefs long time ago. Again, he said he was not part of Armando, but meanwhile, Miguel claimed, “Armando is mine for now.”

I asked if Miguel was the one who attacked Armando between 12 – 6am every night, especially Tuesdays and Fridays, Miguel answered he was not the attacker, but was responsible in keeping the window open so some other entities could come and attack in those hours. “He is weaker when he sleeps, so I could control more.” Other entities came from different realms but basically the shadow side, Miguel said. And the benefit Miguel got from this was a sense of control. Remote Dark Force Entity Release

When I asked if Miguel took orders from any being somewhere else, he claimed he was working on his own. All he wanted was to survive. Feeding off fear was what he knew. His job was to keep the window open at night for others to attack. “All I know is when there is fear in Armando, I am stronger.”

Asked if he had heard about the Light, Miguel said he had heard about it but had not felt it. I asked him if he’d be curious so he could find out more about the Light. Miguel declined. I took one step back and said, “Curiosity is a sign of intelligence, you know.” It has been my experience that challenges can sometimes work well with these dark force energies.

Miguel took up on the curiosity challenge. I guided him to look inside himself. “What do you see there?”

“Nothing.” after a long pause came this indifferent answer.

“There is nothing in the darkness.” I repeated slowly, knowing it was a common belief of dark entities. Yet I know no matter how dark someone can claim to be, existence itself justifies the light. Without the Light nothing could exist. Then how can a non-existence claim to BE?

This was the moment that I needed to move patiently and persistently. I asked Miguel to keep looking. So far Miguel had been relatively cooperative and answered my questions. To make it visually easier, I created a tunnel image for him, “Let the tunnel take you all the way into the very centre of your being,” meanwhile I offered to “walk” with him in the tunnel. Tired and a little scared, Miguel said yes to my offer. “neither ahead nor behind me, together we walk side by side, without touching, moving swiftly down the tunnel. Is that better?”

Miguel said yes. I continuously encouraged him to keep moving and keep looking what was ahead of him. After a long time, Miguel said he saw something blue at the end of the tunnel.

Blue was definitely different from the nothing-like darkness that he identified himself as. I reminded Miguel, “So you are not pure darkness. You know it as a fact now.”

Miguel then identified it as a little speck of light, like a dim flame, at the very core of his own being. When asked to focus and let the blue flame grow a little bit more, Miguel said he was afraid that it would hurt – A typical deception for dark beings out of ignorance. I instructed Miguel to take his time, “Just put one toe in it first, see how it feels.”

Now the light became white. His toe was not burned! I then coached him to step slowly into the light, “As this is your own light, you found it at the very centre of your own being, when you step into it, you become your true identity, who you truly are.” Eventually, Miguel stepped into his own light. Asked how he felt now, Miguel said “Warm, calm” with a surprised tone.

Knowing that we have to own it to release it, I called upon Spirits of Light to come for Miguel. Miguel said he saw rays of light, which was totally different from what he thought, not burning, not hurting. Miguel felt compelled to go. He said, “Even if I don’t want to go, I don’t have a choice now.” I assured him that he would not regret, “because it is a much nicer place to be, to revert back to the pure energy. But before you go,” I requested, “would you do me a favour?” After getting a curious positive answer, I asked Miguel to scan Armando once again for any other entities that might be attached.

A little pause later, Miguel said he saw some dark spots around intestine area. Yet the moment Miguel noticed it, it started to get smaller and smaller. Miguel then recognized it was a part of himself. I instructed Miguel to collect ALL his own pieces with him, to move into the light.

Kore reported tingling all over her when the Light came for Miguel.

Utilizing Armando’s religious background, to finish it up, I called upon the angelic Cleanup Team to clean up the residues of what Miguel left, and Healing Angels to fill every part of Armando’s body with light.

Suggestion was given to close Armando’s windows at night. In addition, I called upon Angels of White Light to guard for him to ensure a restful sleep.

The session was interesting in that instead of many “demons” as Armando suspected, we found the main big gatekeeper which shortened our work and saved time. Armando was prepared to have 10 sessions, and now two sessions later, he sent us an email:

I felt the release and relief after our sessions. To this day, I still say a prayer before going to bed. As you instructed, I call upon the Angels of Light to shine upon me while I rest my body, so that even during my sleep, I can become stronger in my body, mind and emotions.

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