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A Mongolian Family’s Past Lives

From a very young age, before I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, I already knew for certain that I couldn’t do routines.

The idea that everyday is a repetition of a previous day would kill me.

Therefore you can imagine how much I enjoy what I do now.

In the hypnotherapy practice, I never know what I get with the next client.

Even though everyone is so unique, still some people impress me more than others, in different ways.

The Mongolian family are such people, not only because they are from Mongolia, not only because they never showed up alone, not only because they are all big, tall and strong as a typical Mongol, yet so very cute… But also there are things about them that long after their sessions, I still have a smile on my face whenever I think about them.


The mother of the family first contacted me by email just before Christmas. She scheduled a Past Life Regression session for herself, and showed up with her 20-something-year-old daughter. Mother shyly explained that she was afraid that her English was not very good.

Mother told me that she’s interested in having past life regressions for herself, her daughter, and her husband. “A Christmas gift for us all.” Said she, with a smile.

During the pre-talk, the daughter was so quiet that I started to doubt whether her English was actually better than the mother’s or not. A few times I turned to her to ask if she had questions and she seemed to be indifferent. I could also sense that she almost felt a little embarrassed by her mother, who had so many questions.

Here I had the all-smiling mother asking me questions, and the all-serious daughter sitting there quietly. I started to project the difficulty into a future of working with her.

Mother drifted into a hypnotic state quite easily, but instead of going to a past life, she went to a “mountain”. That mountain seemed to have such great significance to the soul that she did not want to leave it. The mountain was the HOME. There were no other humans or even animals or birds on this mountain. On the mountain it is very eventless. Mother’s soul simply enjoyed “being” there, sitting on a log on the mountaintop, and felt completely content.

I exchanged a few looks with the daughter. Daughter was more baffled than me. Her face told me it was too strange for her to make anything out of it.

Even though the soul felt complete and content and was whole-heartedly enjoying the moment, I knew the physical mind had an agenda. Considering the purpose for the mother’s visit, I had to guide mother further. She went to a big lake on the mountain, sitting on a rock by the lake, and watching the quiet still lake.

I decided to utilize the moment. So I instructed her that the lake would reflect to her some information and scenes of her past lives. The lake showed her that she had eight lifetimes, three males and five females.

That was how she went to a male’s life in 13th century Korea. As a general, he was fighting (ironically) for his home against Mongols. He died an old age of lung disease. There was one piece of unfinished business: After the girl whom he loved when he was young married someone else because her parents didn’t like his parents’ background, he shut off and didn’t give himself a second change to love again.

What happened after I emerged the mother shocked the daughter. Mother couldn’t remember a single thing in the session. The only thing she could remember from the session was that, “I went to a mountaintop.”

Daughter couldn’t believe it. “That is just weird! You talked a lot!”

Mother was less bothered. She was beaming with happiness.


A week later Mother contacted me to set up the session for the father.

Mother was the one knocking on the door for the appointment. Father followed.

Father was quite economic with his words. No comments, no questions, easy going answering my questions.

I had no problem with that. Within 10 minutes, there was nothing else to talk about. We started the hypnosis process.

According to Mother, Father’s English was even worse. Which was why, she said, he didn’t talk a lot.

Quiet Father nevertheless had a very intense experience. Out of 13 lifetimes, we visited two, both in Mongolia. They were two very different lifetimes. One life he was a humble man living alone. He hunted and lived in harmony with nature. Another life he was an angry tribe leader. He was surrounded by scared men and women but felt unspeakably lonely. The tribe leader trusted no one.

As the stories unfolded, streams of tears fell down Father’s face. I used tissues and wiped his face. I tuned into the voice of his soul, and started to give him suggestions. He just nodded his head in agreements, in sync with the voice coming directly from his soul. His soul is a strong one, like an eagle, the vast endless blue sky was where home is. After death, soaring in the sky as dancing light, was when the homecoming tears streamed down his cheeks once again.

Upon emerging, almost instantly Father went back to the same self who came in. Mother was teasing him saying he shed too many tears. He showed no strong facial expression in response. I asked him if he remembered everything. He said yes but I was not too sure about it. However he was already on his feet and ready to leave.

I understand that in this life he is a sort of VIP in his home country. He lives only a few months in Canada every year.

After meeting him, I didn’t think I got to know him any better than before he arrived. Yet on another level, the level of his soul, I felt I knew him deeply, and I was deeply touched by him. I knew he is one of those earth angels, and freedom is the theme of exploration throughout the soul’s journey.


Due to my travel, the daughter’s session had to wait until after the New Year. I sent my calendar link to the mother asking the daughter to book the appointment herself, which she did.

When I opened the door, I was initially surprised to see the mother standing there too. I asked her jokingly, “Are you not sure about your daughter’s English as well?”

Daughter answered me, “She is just curious I guess. I asked her not to come, but she insisted on tagging along.”

Mother just smiled, very cute. I would not be surprised if in another life, the mother daughter relationship is reversed.

I asked Daughter what she’d like to explore. She started by saying, “This may sound weird to you, but…”

“But I’ve probably heard it all, every weird thing possible, so no need to worry.”

“I… I think I would like to have those psychic abilities. Is that possible through hypnosis?”

“First, that is completely not weird. For a lot of people, hypnosis is more weird than psychic ability, so you are at the right place.” We all laughed. I asked her, “What would you do with your psychic ability?”

“So that I can give people psychic readings, maybe?”

“Is that something that excites you?”

“I guess so.”

“Well,” I looked into her eyes, “A genuine desire that comes from within normally means you already have it. The psychic abilities are in you, and they want to come out.”

The daughter looked at me, not believing it, but then she decided that I appeared to be an authority in speaking this. Maybe there was something I did know that she didn’t, so she didn’t say anything.

I continued, “As such, maybe we can leave this open end. I will guide you into a state of hypnosis, and bring you to your own spirit essence. From there you access your life purpose, and bring it forth. We don’t need to focus on one past life as your mother stated earlier, but maybe we will also tap into it as we go along. How does it sound to you?”

The daughter nodded her head eagerly. By the time she was ready, she was really ready. As she told me she was aware of her full stomach, the warmth in the room, the comfort, the curiosity, excitement and calmness in her being, she was drifting all by herself into a very beautiful trance.

That was when her higher self naturally took over. The higher self took us for a tour – across a flower-filled meadow, into a stone castle, going upstairs, finding a glass bottle in a wooden box, freeing the diamonds in the bottle, taking the two horses on the ground floor, riding them all the way to the clouds, and from there, reaching to the ocean, merging into the ocean, and becoming one with the ocean…

The higher self confirmed that the daughter will start doing psychic readings for people, after she goes back to her home country. The exact timing will be up to her. She has seven lifetimes and this is the only female one. Out of my own curiosity, I asked about the connection with her mother in another life, and was told they were brothers in another life, the daughter being the older brother.

I turned to the mother and gave her a look – “See, I said it.” Mother took the chance and asked me to ask about her daughter’s future marriage in this life. The higher self confirmed that she will find a strong, confident, and loving man to marry. The relationship will start while she is still in Canada but develop after she goes back to home country.

To get the ball rolling, I asked the higher self to give me a reading on the spot. The higher self gave me two tips for my professional life right away…

This time it was the mother’s turn to be bewildered. Upon opening her eyes, the daughter could not remember anything except vague impressions of the horses and ocean.


While the whole family left feeling the magic of hypnotherapy, they left me feeling the magic of our minds. As well, they reminded me of my own past life in Mongolia, a place I have never been in this life but my soul feels homesick to its endless blue sky.

Note: The last Past Life Regression workshop of the year is coming up Saturday October 27 at West End Community Centre, Vancouver. You can register here…. 

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