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Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Thought I'd update on the progress since our last session. What can I say... I’m operating on a different platform now. What I have experienced in the past few days was beyond what words can describe...
To start, I am experiencing "now"... All this time, I thought I understood what it was like to be at present, to be mindful, therefore I’ve been telling mind to focus on the "now"... but until that moment on, I’ve realized there is nothing more powerful and more beautiful than being in the moment... there is this emptiness, all knowing, worry and thought free.... no words can describe, I feel all these words can not do even a bit of justice....
What it means is that I can now differentiate between what mind tries to tell me, and what is all knowing... I could simply acknowledge the mind and easily follow the heart... it’s truly amazing, there is no doubt, no judging, just being... It feels so good to be at where I am now... content, at ease, and at peace with myself and above all, happy.
I am also more sensitive to other's feelings and energy. I can sense what others are dealing with more precisely... It was really cool... and I always remember what you said Kemila, first thought is always right, 2nd is the doubt and I begin to trust my intuition more and more...
So, thank you very much. You have given me the best gift one could ever ask for! I really appreciate it!!
-S. Z.

Dear Kemila,

What an amazing journey! you have given me the opportunity to live amazing experiences through your kindness, understanding and professionalism.

I would have never imagined how much this therapy would help me. Every time was a surprise. As the time goes by, the learning experience through my journeys have settled and opened my senses.

Meeting my inner self was the most marvelous thing I have ever done. Discovering and understanding myself, my emotions, my preferences, my reactions, where they come from and meeting a universe of teachers through my many past and parallel lives, I feel I have moved to a different stage in life, where I can see more clearly and and feel more compassionate.

I just want to thank you for serving as a channel to all of us in getting contact with our different sources and inner self. I would also like to send you a big thank-you for helping me get rid of the storm of past feelings - I feel relieved and free from any complications from the past! And the best of all is that I am very happy with me.
-Luisa Ramirez
Kemila, thank you for the awesome hypnotherapy session last night! I'm still integrating all that happened, and am hopeful this will clear the way for me...
-S. P.
Thanks Kemila for helping me on this journey. It has been magical. I am feeling more conscious on the things that used to make me feel not enough. Now I can put it to perspective and I feel better afterward. And also I know there is no comparison. I am good as I am. Thank you.
-L. R.
The materials that you cover in the 8-week self-hypnosis course are very informative and intriguing. I also like the pace and interaction. You have a great teaching style with a lot of good discussions, explorations of beliefs and ideas. I found it very beneficial. I would definitely recommend the course to others.
-A past class participant
Oh how great I'm feeling Kemila! I spent over thirty years working so hard trying to find the key to freedom. Meeting you for one session I now fully realize that the door to freedom is never locked - Oops... haha. Forget about the key. I don't even need it. I just opened the door and am walking to my freedom. How fun! Thank you so much for helping me realize it!
-L. B.
Kemila I am very happy to meet the love in my life after seeing you for a month. I believe this a good opportunity for me to work a mature couple(partner) relationship. It is a great pleasure for me to share my life with you. We will be seeing each other very soon.
-M. B.
Hi Kemila:

How are you lately? I hope all are well.

I have some good news. I had IVF in Feb and got positive result a week ago. Now, I am in the waiting period for the first ultrasound on April 4.

Because my previous experience, it's hard to relax... however this time, your words make it so much easier. Simply using the techniques you taught me and telling myself "Trust nature, Trust your body..." while in a hypnotic state helps me a great deal.

Thanks for all the help & Hopefully I will have more good news soon!

Have a wonderful day!
-G. Y.

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