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Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

...Another experience: I am normally a tense driver. I try my best to remain calm when I am driving but I don't always succeed. After our session, I left your place and drove down Davie St, I realized something very strange. I had a kind of Eckhart Tolle moment. I was driving down the street and I was calm. I was stuck behind this slow moving vehicle but instead of getting frustrated, I looked at all the people on the street and really saw them. They looked liked zombies to me but I was not a zombie. I may have been in a trance but, to me, it was they that were in a trance. I was really observing them and being in that moment. And as people crossed the street against the pedestrian don't walk sign, I did not get frustrated or angry. Instead I came to realize that there was still plenty of time for me to turn the corner once they had finished crossing. There was nothing to be angry about - these things are inconsequential. I came to realize that I am not my behavior. I am not even my thoughts. I am not my body. I am not my job. I am somehow beyond and above all of those things. I will still be me no matter what happens. Hard to explain but that is best way I can describe it...
-I. M.

Hi Kemila, I want to sincerely thank you for the talk yesterday. Even thought you didn't do any therapy on me, I was totally in peace all day long. This morning, I'm still so grateful. That's exactly what I WANT. Thank you! Thank you!! As I said, I really want to connect with my source, my soul, my inner power whatever the name is. From next week, my kids are out of school, I'll be with them most of daytime, and go to work late afternoon. I was wondering if you could have afternoon or evening session for me. Thank you so much,
- R. J.
Hi Kemila,

Our sessions have been invaluable to me and I appreciate your generosity in sharing the tapes on email so I can continue to learn from them. The past life regression in class and the private one in your office touched on biblical themes to me that held great signifigance. Not surprising as I am mostly a literary being and the bible is full of remarkable stories to embellish.

I am very grateful to have met you and I hope to see you in future classes.

Many thanks.
Hi Kemila:

How are you lately? I hope all are well.

I have some good news. I had IVF in Feb and got positive result a week ago. Now, I am in the waiting period for the first ultrasound on April 4.

Because my previous experience, it's hard to relax... however this time, your words make it so much easier. Simply using the techniques you taught me and telling myself "Trust nature, Trust your body..." while in a hypnotic state helps me a great deal.

Thanks for all the help & Hopefully I will have more good news soon!

Have a wonderful day!
-G. Y.
Kemila, I'm not honestly sure what I thought the course would be but I signed up out of curiousity most looking for pain management techniques. What I got out of this class far exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. Other than hypnotherapy for entertainment purposes, I had no idea what to expect. Your approach to the group was that of someone teaching us while you took the journey alongside. I think this made the group connect with each other and yourself more easily.

Allowing the group to have the discussions opened me up to so many different perspectives that maybe I wouldn't have considered. We get so stuck in our ways, our habits, our beliefs that it's exciting to think of the changes we could make to ourselves, and this world, if we applied what you teach. Thank you for being such an open and honest teacher that guides us through what we need to see in order to heal. I'm actually quite surprised at how much I opened up in this class. I'm obviously not a shy person but don't usually discuss parts of my past that still make me very sad. This course has shown me that the wounds I have are not yet healed but covered up with "horse poo" as you like to call it. It's time to clean that up, heal my wounds and move on with a happy and productive life and show the world, and myself, the diamond that I am!!
-L. D.
I worked with Kemila Zsange over three to four months at the beginning of 2010. During that time she helped me tremendously.

Almost my entire life I have struggled with being able to fall asleep. In the late eighties I began to take medication to fall asleep on those nights when sleep failed to come. By the early nineties I decided that life was too short to lie awake for hours each night trying to sleep and I began using the medication on a nightly basis. Over time the dosage gradually increased to where I was taking three pills nightly.

At times I travel extensively on business and sometimes I take extended vacations/sabbaticals. The dosage I needed presented a problem for both of these.

I was skeptical that anything would help but Kemila convinced me to let her try hypnotherapy with me. I immediately found the hypnosis to be very relaxing. Over the course of treatment I was able to reduce my dosage so that I was consistently and effectively falling asleep with only 1/2 pill.

Since then, over the last year, I have been able to maintain that level, thanks to some of the skills that Kemila taught me. I would be eager work with Kemila again and I have recommended her to two friends, both of whom are interested in trying hypnotherapy; one to see if she can help him quit smoking, and one to see if Kemila can help her lose weight.
-T. M.
Just a quick note to say thank you. My first hypnosis experience with you was so unexpectedly relaxing. Your intuitive approach has taken me to a deep and profound place... I look forward to future sessions under the deft guidance of you.
-K. S.
Thanks Kemila for helping me on this journey. It has been magical. I am feeling more conscious on the things that used to make me feel not enough. Now I can put it to perspective and I feel better afterward. And also I know there is no comparison. I am good as I am. Thank you.
-L. R.

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