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Total Relaxation to Strengthen Mind-Body Connection

Just a quick note to say thank you. My first hypnosis experience with you was so unexpectedly relaxing. Your intuitive approach has taken me to a deep and profound place... I look forward to future sessions under the deft guidance of you.
-K. S.

Hi Kemila,

Our sessions have been invaluable to me and I appreciate your generosity in sharing the tapes on email so I can continue to learn from them. The past life regression in class and the private one in your office touched on biblical themes to me that held great signifigance. Not surprising as I am mostly a literary being and the bible is full of remarkable stories to embellish.

I am very grateful to have met you and I hope to see you in future classes.

Many thanks.
I just wanted to update you... I started a YouTube channel.. Yes ME!!

I had been thinking about it for a while, and often think of you and what you said about just getting yourself out there, even if you have one viewer. I started it a week ago and now already have 57 subscribers. You are such an inspiration to me and I've learned so much from you -- I can't say it enough!

Thank you Kemila!
-B. W.
Hello Kemila,

Thank you for your help. I very much enjoyed my time with you. I have been listening to the 'Relax Sleep Better' CD each night for a week. It's a simple thing for me to do and I seem to be benefiting from it.

Thanks again,
-S. E.
... I hope you will be offering the Self-Hypnosis class again in January. The one Past Life Regression class I attended is still providing amazing spinoffs. Thank you so much for all the classes I took with you. They were fun, informative and very enabling...
-A. S.
Thank you Kemila. Your "Relax, sleep better" CD works so well that I cannot remember the end of it: a good sign and I will keep at it for at least 8 weeks, as suggested.
-T. B.
Hi Kemila,
Thanks a lot for yesterday afternoon... I loved the session! And boy how precious to have it recorded! Thank you for everything.
Can't wait to talk to you soon about it.
-G. L.
Good Morning Kemila, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for the counselling-hypnotherapy session yesterday, as opening up my subconscious has miraculously allowed me to feel lighter and more collected. Most importantly, thank you for wiping away my tears. Your kindness and nurturing presence will always be appreciated in my memory. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Much love and respect,
-M. H.

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