Multiple Personality Order

In my earlier practice of hypnotherapy, I remember there were many times that I was surprised at the fact that, when hypnotized, many of my clients could speak words of wisdom, with which came relief, opening, and lightness; yet when they went back to their daily lives, they would forget about their own words and became again that confused and lost person stuck in the complication of their complicated life.

I remember one client, in trance, said, “The goal for her (using the third person to address client herself. This is very common. It may be from the higher-self or a guide.) is get to a point to enjoy herself. Have so much fun with herself that she doesn’t need to worry about the guys…” With that flew a lot of excellent advice.

The client felt wonderful after the session. A week later, when she called, I heard that insecure woman talking again. She was again using life situations to call herself stupid, useless, and so on.

It’s quite fascinating for me to witness this. Why doesn’t healing come from revealing words of wisdom from their own inner being, or higher self, once and for all?  A wonderful hypnotherapy session can get a person to be peaceful and inner knowing that all IS well, yet later it seems that worries and anxiety would come back and take over.

It took me a while to make peace with this. Maybe I expected too much from myself. People can go to a massage therapist for decades, what made me think I have to “heal” a person once and for all? And really, what does “to be healed” mean to that person?

In a stock chart, it always goes up and down, but it doesn’t have to be down back to where it was, it can still go up and down, with a trend to go upwards.

Life is a play and we can always assign different roles for ourselves to play. With different roles come different challenges, some of which we term as “problems”. That’s when you perceive that you may need some help. When you come to see me, maybe I’m just playing a role in your script.

Because of this role playing physical life drama, there seem to be many layers of us. Who do I identify myself to be? A woman? A Canadian? A human? A soul? A winner or a loser? One who is open-minded? Someone who is kind? Someone who eats this but doesnt’ eat that? An extension of All That Is? Consciousness? Nothingness? Each identification is a layer.

In hypnosis, none of these identifications seem to mean anything. People can get to a place where even language is unnecessary. Multiple personalities merge. It’s like all the lamps, toasters, coffee machines, radios… start to know themselves as electricity. Yet electricity can become just another identity.

To become whole is to acknowledge all the aspects of us, and to integrate all, including our fears. Even though it’s all electricity, lamps and toasters are still different expressions of the same electricity. Nothing needs to be denied. With integration of all aspects, we can have multiple personality order.

As a hypnotherapist, my role is to build bridges among the multiple personalities, and to build bridges between mind and body, heart and soul, conscious and unconscious. Everything can be used for our benefits when we allow them to be. We can’t make use of anything if we don’t first own it.

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