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Kemila’s article Why do we Worry? is published in the Fall 2014 issue of Health Action.

Today I saw a new client who wanted hypno- therapy to help her to stop worrying. As we talked and I thought about her issue, I realized how common it is for people to share her concern, to simultaneously worry and wish they did not.

One part inside us wants to stop worrying because we realize it doesn’t make us feel good. Worrying about something or someone brings a future possibility right into our here-and-now reality, on an emotional level. When we worry, we tell our future self or our loved ones that we do not trust him/her in dealing
with certain situations. Yet we don’t know how to stop worrying. We’ve all tried many different ways to manipulate circumstances so that we could stop worrying. Sometimes it works, but only temporarily. And then the worrying comes back and the relief wears out, because the worrying self is still part of our identity.
The worrying self as identity is strengthened by some un-questioned beliefs. An example of such a belief is that, to be safe, one must control the unknown. Hidden associations can also strengthen these beliefs and help make worrying integral to our identity, such as worrying to show someone you care… Read the full article in the magazine.

The first attached spirit releasement case in my hypnotherapy work was published on The Master Shift site. The case came as a surprise. The attached spirit was one soul from my client’s past lives.

See it here: Seven Lifetimes and One Hour

In Feburary 2013, Canadian Health magazine had this article Hypnosis revisited- Mesmerizing! Hypnotherapy is becoming a useful medical tool, in which it mentions “One group trying to bring some consistency to hypnotherapy is the B.C.-based Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH). “ARCH came into existence because we didn’t think hypnotherapy in Canada was good enough,” says Brick Saunderson, a Vancouver-based therapist and the group’s clinical supervisor. ARCH’s purpose is to increase the standards of education and qualifications and provide a cross-Canada professional registry for hypnotherapists.”

January 4 is the World Hypnotism Day. Our latest Press Release – Media Advisory on December 10, 2012:

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Get Hypnotized And Reap The Benefits Of Hypnosis For Free

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Get Hypnotized And Reap The Benefits Of Hypnosis For Free

Free demo and mini relaxation session by a local hypnotherapist in community centre for the world hypnotism day.

Here’s the appearance of KZHC at Tea with Mommy, a blog for those that want to ACT towards wanting the best for their children.