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A Past Life Lived in Atlantis

It’s been two years almost to this day since I had this very special session with a client. Lisa came in for nervousness in speaking, as well as exploration of her relationship with her cousin. And she stated that she wanted to have another past life exprience – She felt almost she knew him “from an ancient time”. We had already visited some past lives – one as a cowboy who was shot at 36 and one as a native American in previous sessions.

As I guided her into the inward journey, I borrowed her word “an ancient time”. We ended up at a place where we couldn’t exactly locate. There is a palace. There is ocean. There are pyramids; and unnamable animals and flowers. It feels ancient, yet sounds modern. Lisa as Adara in that life is a princess in a small kingdom. She studies astrology and plays harp-like instrument and flute. The name of her father, the king, sounds like “Hoden”, and I had her copy down as the way she saw her father’s name in her mind’s eye. With her eyes closed, she then wrote down some symbols (see the picture) – Atlantean language first handed, but at that time when she wrote it I didn’t know.


Atlantean Language from a Hypnosis Session

I try to get her to tell me which year this is, or if there’s any calendar around. And I can’t get anything. People travel mostly on foot, and back of animals. There are boats though.

There’s desert and almost feels like “Indian Ocean”. I try hard to get the name of the kingdom – which she simply calls “the First Kingdom”.  People eat rice and fish, and drink wine.

Adara married Jerren, who is her cousin in this life.

It is not until almost the end of the session that we start to have some clue. She starts to talk about curruption, greed and materialism contaminating the island. Her little kingdom cannot escape the volcano, fire and big, big flood at the middle of night. The palace is the last to sink. Everyone comes to palace as it’s the highest, but even that couldn’t save anyone. Adara, as everyone else, is wiped out into the ocean. That’s when we both start to have the idea and all of the sudden everything makes sense – Atlantis.

King's name in Atlantean

Atlantean Language

It’s an interesting life. Her father the king died when she was 23. She was the one that people seek advice from, yet she couldn’t protect her people. Adara carried the responsibility of loss of lives of her people to the moment she crossed over.

Everything is gone. Only water left.

With permission from my client, here’s an sample of the 1 hour and half long session audio recording.

Extract Atlantis

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  1. charene says:

    Spot on with this write-up, thanks for that info.

  2. jordan says:

    Thanks for the blog article. Fantastic.

  3. Brian says:

    Much thanks for the blog post. Awesome.

  4. Atlantic Empire says:

    This is not Atlantis, may be Santorini or some island that sank into Mediterranean Sea, but not in the Atlantic Ocean.

    it’s may be some India civilization before the Great Flood, for example: Rama empire.

    • Kemila says:

      Very possible – Atlantic Empire. Certainly I don’t know too much about ancient history to tell, for example, Rama empire sounds new to me.
      But I’m curious, what made you so sure about this?

  5. Atlantic Empire says:

    Atlantis was a much advance civilization than the description of your client’s past life experience.
    according to her regression, the people of that land travel on foot mostly or on the back of animals, Now, if it was at the early period of Atlantis than it’s plausible,but to said an Empire/civilization that once conquer most parts of Europe, minor Asia and Egypt, and she said she also witness the destruction of that land at same one life time it’s just doesn’t fit into the actual Atlantis. To my opinion if it’s really related to Atlantis, then it may be one of the thousand islands on the Atlantic Ocean that once co-exist with Atlantis. and the ‘Atlantean language’ your client recorded is similar to the linear A /B of the Crete island or ancient language in Europe.

    It’s just my opinion.

    • Kemila says:

      Thank you for enlightening me on this. Very good points.
      Now when I look back, it’s true we mostly concluded on Atlantis by the flood…
      I’m going to research what Atlanteans travelled with… Thanks again.

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