A Gift from a Past Life Regression Client

I sometimes wondered how much inner resistance I had to overcome before I decided to do nothing else but follow my heart’s call.

When I signed up for my first Clinical Hypnotherapy course, there was no doubt in my deepest heart that it was the spiritual aspect of it that drew me into this form of practice. I did not grow up in a family or an environment where hypnotism was normal. Actually I knew much less about hypnotism than many people did, as I grew up in China where hypnotism was almost unheard of. One day I was in the Vancouver Public Library central branch. Literally a book fell out of the shelf in front of me – That was Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. I picked it up, took it home, read it, and wondered, wondered, and wondered on it.

Life was never the same. I went to see a hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression after reading that book. One and half an hours later, I walked out of her office, believing that I could not be hypnotized, just like many other people that I’d encounter when I first started my own practice.

Strangely guided as I was, I found myself signing up for a year-long Clinical Hypnotherapy course, followed by another year of counseling-hypnotherapy, and then finally got myself into the business. Or maybe it’s not really that strange. A former client of mine just told me that she was considering signing up for a hypnotherapy course after she came to see me for a Past Life Regression.

Going through the course and setting up a business, it was easy for me to lose sight of my original purpose. I wrote a business plan, believed that what I wanted is to follow other “successful hypnotherapists”, model their success and do what they do… all the while feeling totally disconnected. The course I signed up for didn’t even teach Past-Life Regression, because the instructor doesn’t believe in reincarnation. And we were warned not to do past life regression on purpose. I started to doubt whether I made the right choice at all – the choice of the profession; the choice of the school; the choice of the business.

Until one day I had this new client come in.

Cathy (not her real name) is a 25-year-old Asian-Canadian. She wants to visit her past lives, experience life between lives, access her higher self and contact her spirit guides. With all the exciting expectations, she still tells me that she has the fear that she cannot be hypnotized. I tell her when people have this fear, what we normally do in the first session is to establish the trance work. We won’t rush to a past life; and life between lives regression requires even deeper trance. We may, though it depends on her responsiveness, contact her guides during the first session.

Regardless of her fear, Cathy proves to be an excellent hypnotic subject. I think 3 to 4 times a week regular meditation helps her. We easily get in touch with two of her spirit guides: Gabrielle and Mitchell, who through Cathy tell me that in this life Cathy needs to heal emotions such as “confidence”, and “self-judgment”. The moment when the guides came through, I could feel the room brightening up, and I have a telepathic receiving from her guides. For me it’s a “yes, go” message. And through Cathy they tell me there are three lives that need to be visited to heal the emotion of self-judgment. I then ask Cathy to allow herself to be guided by the guides and to visit one of her past lives that has something to do with confidence and self-judgment.

She goes very easily to a male life in seventeenth century England. His name is Malcolm, a farmer, living in a very small house with his wife Francesca. His wife died in her forties of plague. Malcolm lived for 7 years afterwards in severe sadness, bitterness, and guilt that he had not been able to father children, and hadn’t provided a better life for his wife. His farm was gradually deserted and disappeared. And he died of a heart attack at home on the floor all by himself.

After seeing his own body curling on the floor, one hand at his chest, the other reaching out to the sky, Malcolm looked up and saw the light. He was momentarily overwhelmed by it. Then he saw the spirit of his wife coming to meet him. I ask him to describe where his wife brings him next. He says, “To the group.” Cathy then tells me her spirit name is Terren. And there are four spirit guides present. Besides Gabrielle and Mitchell, there are Daniel and Alexia.

I ask if the spirit who was his wife Francesca is living at this moment with Cathy. The answer I get is ‘no’, she’s not here. Considering Cathy is only 25, and the intensity of love towards each other in that previous life, I ask, “You may not know the answer now, and that’s okay. But when I count from three to one, you will get an impression if this spirit will be with you in this life as Cathy. 3, 2, 1, will she be with you?”

“Yes.” Very firmly.

“Who will he or she be?”

Only a momentary internal search, “My daughter!” She gasped.

Cathy is so overwhelmed by this revelation that she sobs for a long while. I keep silent, watching streams of tears springing out of the corners of her eyes.

Seeing Cathy so in tune with the process, I decide to move to the moment with her guides to the life planning stage of the current life.

We easily move ahead. Terren describes to me the pillars of the circular building and the circular table in the centre. She and her four guides surround the table where there are sheets and charts. Terren chooses this life as Cathy because she wants to learn to love herself, to have confidence to aid and shape consciousness, and help others to shift consciousness. “Just like yourself,” Terren delivers this to me, “to be a light worker.”

A light worker? I’m a little surprised. All I know about me is that I’m a struggling hypnotist. Terren continues to say that Cathy needs to learn to have faith in her ability. Sounds like a timely message for me too.

I ask Terren in what shape or form she has agreed to raise consciousness in this life as Cathy. Terren says it’s to channel.

“Is Cathy on the right path now for that?”

“Yes, yet she needs patience; at the same time, she needs to be more grounded and have balance in her life. Spending more time in her sanctuary will help her grounding. Things have just started and with patience, she will get there.”

“Is having a hypnotherapy session part of it?”

“Yes, very much so.” Terren says. “Things will happen before she turns 30, at 28 in particular. But meanwhile, practicing meditation will help a lot.”

I thank Terren and bring Cathy back. On opening her eyes, Cathy bursts into a single sound that is full of awe. I ask her if she remembers everything. She says, “Yes, yes, yes! I knew exactly what was going on but it seemed the voice just by-passed me and spoke itself.”

“Well, sounds to me that you were in hypnosis!”

“Wow! This is such a gift!” Cathy says she needs time to mull it over, and will get in touch with me in two weeks. She leaves with her new gifts, and I am left to mull this over myself.

I know, deep down, this is exactly what I have agreed to do in this life. It feels so right, yet from time to time, I look at others, compare myself to others, and allow doubts and self-judgment to creep in. But at this moment, the feeling inside me feels so right that I know life can be so much easier if we simply do what our heart knows to do. What a gift YOU have given me, Cathy!

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