The Subject of Reinarnation

As I work with people in my private practice and lead group sessions visiting some of the past lives, many people ask me about the concept of reincarnation, and karma, as they often are packed together.

Reincarnation is a word that is strongly associated with the term of Past-Life Regression. I found this a rigid word, or people use it in a rigid way.

I do not use this word very often, as it points to a linear perspective that is not true reality. The subject of reincarnational threads has many layers. Yet I understand the convenience of putting things into perspective just like many words in our language do – For example, we romanticize the concepts of “sunrise” and “sunset” even though the sun never rises or sets for the Earth.

So, reincarnation is a rigidized way of interpreting the cycles of seeming birth, death and rebirth.

Past Life Regression therapy works and can be profoundly healing, yet it is not “proof”, in any scientific sense, that reincarnation exists. Reincarnation, for me, exists only as a convenient concept.

These following comments were written by VERONICA:

Reincarnation is not based upon a sequential time-frame.

Those extremely focused in the linear usually have a hard time with this concept.

There are dimensional components involved, that do allow for such things as follows to occur:

It is quite feasible to be born, say in 1900… die in 1956… rebirth in 1501… die 1566… rebirth 2020… die 2071… etc…

Nothing is impossible in the bigger picture. It is much more than just the timeline you are experiencing.

We live a life, and tell stories about our life. We expend a great amount of energy holding the stories in place, and try to make our stories work. We work at our stories all of the time. And, when the stories don’t work, we get frustrated, and we get angry. And, then we come back and keep repeating the cycles of incarnations on Earth.

It’s as if, in order to understand certain experiences, we create more experiences. The cycle goes on and on. Until, you decide to end it.

Perhaps, when you realize that, it is time to let that go. Perhaps, you don’t have to use tremendous volumes of energy to try to support a story that is nothing other than an illusion, just an illusion.

End the cycle. Are you ready?